It’s the end of an era in payment processing. Effective May 2017, NCR will no longer sell new large remittance processing scanners and will discontinue the manufacture of the iTran. Support will be made available on existing scanners until May 2022.

This follows the recent decision by Burroughs to discontinue the large Quantum scanners, which will be supported until March of 2020.  With the loss of NCR and Burroughs the choice for large – high speed check scanners is significantly reduced, but you do have viable options.

The OPEX Falcon, a One Touch Opener/Extractor/Scanner is one and on the other end of the spectrum are desk top scanners for lower volumes manufactured by Canon and Digital Check.

As you may be aware, the large high speed scanners with encoders have dominated the industry for generations. However, the reason for the elimination of these machines is twofold.  1) Check 21 has eliminated the need to encode checks and 2) the internet/automatic payments via ACH and credit card have greatly reduced the number of checks written.

Attention has turned from “how fast can we scan checks?” to “how can we process the limited checks we receive more efficiently?”

If you have any questions regarding the selection of the best option for your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to your respective Account Managers.

By Bernadette Padilla

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