RT Lawrence Corp, (RTL) would like to announce its newest addition to RTLFiRST Remittance Processing Service Solutions. RTL’s ePayConsolidator is a time-saving strategy that increases proficiency and productivity. It automates the handling of 3rd party payment provider payment lists.

RTL’s ePayConsolidator Helps To Quickly Identify Errors

This module will quickly identify files from major 3rd party providers such as CheckFree, Metavante, etc. and process files quickly by identifying errors contained in an electronic list of data which slow down processing time. RTL’s\ePayConsolidator is the easiest way to consolidate and scrub each list and flag payments that contain errors such as missing account information, empty fields, etc.

RTL’s ePayConsolidator Reduces Errors

In today’s changing environment, it is vital to manage potential human error in processing payments which can result in various payment-posting errors and subsequent billing mistakes. Our solution will help streamline the handling of these payments by pre-scrubbing the data, create the necessary virtual checks and stubs. The e-Consolidator module coupled with your existing RTLFiRSTTM system will create an optimal solution and improve your operations.

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