RT Lawrence Corp would like to thank all of those who participated in our 25th Anniversary celebration. It has been an exciting month for RTL as many of you took part in our 25 days of fun and prizes. 25 years is a big milestone and we couldn’t have reached this point without your continued support. Thank you again for being such valuable partners over these past few years. We look forward to the future and celebrating many more milestones together.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the winners from across the country over the last 25 days.


25th Anniversary

Day 1 Wendy A. CA
Day 2 Brian Z. FL
Day 3 Kathe T. CA
Day 4 Sarayu P. CA
Day 5 Renae C. ID
Day 6 Elnora P. CA
Day 7 Steven H. FL
Day 8 Courtney B. TN
Day 9 Candice T. CA
Day 10 Ashley S. CA
Day 11 Tom G. CA
Day 12 Melba M. TX
Day 13 Tony W. SC
Day 14 Julio E. TX
Day 15 Kathleen D. IL
Day 16 Rene M. CA
Day 17 Ron Q. FL
Day 18 Sandy C. TX
Day 19 Denise T. NC
Day 20 Evelyn P. TX
Day 21 Wyman J. CA
Day 22 Jami C. MI
Day 23 John H. FL
Day 24 Lynn B. NV
Day 25 Loretta K. FL
GRAND Prize Winner Jay D. TX


If you have WON and have any questions or concerns about your raffle prize, please email Marketing@rtlawrence.com. Winners were notified via email, daily. Prizes were issued approximately 1-2 weeks upon prize selection.

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