By: Cherry Estrella

If you are thinking about an upgrade, be it to the Server, workstation PCs or RTL Software, here are some guidelines to consider:

If upgrading hardware or operating systems:

  • Check that the hardware supports the new Operating System. Get the hardware compatibility list (HCL) on Microsoft’s website or visit the hardware or vendor’s website and check for Operating System Compatibility.
  • Check that the hardware meets the minimum required specification. Microsoft guidelines, go to
  • Virtual machines are ok in most cases; reference the RTL document for Application and Function Description. If you have additional questions, contact RTL Helpdesk.

If upgrading RTLFiRST or other RTL software:

  • Consider getting new servers and other PCs at the same time. This way, much of the testing can occur in a new environment without affecting much of the current production environment.

If upgrading your scanner PC:

  • Consider the requirements of the scanner manufacturer as they may be different from RTL.
  • Consider getting a new scanner altogether. You may find that there are now less costly models that will still meet your needs or you can get additional features with a new machine

Establish a test environment

  • If you have a complicated or customized setup, consider getting additional licensing to create a test environment. Contact your Account Manager to discuss pricing.

For more information or if you have questions/concerns, please contact

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