Searching Archived Files Made Easier By: Michelle Barredo

RTL understands the importance of record keeping and access to key information. Now with the new RTLFirst Version 8.0 comes the new FiRSTView Web which enables you to easily access archived payments as long as you have one domain access. You will be able to view all the archived files which is directly integrated to our RTLFiRST Remittance System.

FiRSTView Imaging Archival Solution

The FiRSTView Imaging Archival Solution was created to work hand in hand with the RTLFiRST Remittance Solution. The solution “houses” all the archived images and payment data for record and research purposes. Users can easily conduct queries and searches on a variety of criteria specific to their clients or operations.

The FiRSTView Solution enables customers’ quick access to data that has been archived from the RTLFiRST system. This data can be stored depending on the hard drive but no specified limit. Archiving will depend on the client’s retention policy if they will archive daily or weekly.

After batches have been processed in RTLFiRST for verification, users can create output files and reports to complete the deposit.The data and images will then be archived into FiRSTView, the companion piece to RTLFiRST. It allows long-term storage and research. The design allows the users to easily retrieve files using the data search fields.

Search In-Progress and Archived Batches

The system allows you to search In-progress and Archived batches. This can be done using a variety of search criteria depending on the client’s required templates.

Below are lists of Criteria:

  • Account Number
  • Client Name
  • Process Date
  • Check Number
  • Batch Number
  • Check Amount

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