RTL is excited to announce that our streamlined solution has allowed a more efficient and effective way of handling list payments.  Companies who process list payments in small to large volumes can now process these payments utilizing our “One-Motion” Zone in feature on columns within your list. ClickList will identify and zone in on each item on your list to ensure easy processing of Account Numbers, Account Name, Amount due, etc. ClickList will then create virtual documents to ensure easy review and processing.  ClickList has been implemented in a few of our test environments and created a solution that has proven to reduce labor and simplified list handling even more!

ClickList will:

  • Scan and read full size documents
  • Eliminate Data Entry
  • Read Multiple Columns
  • Automatically Create Virtual Stubs

ClickList is scalable to work with any environment and on a variety of transports including the Burrough’s Smart Source and a variety of Opex machines.  Stay tuned for future RTelegram announcements that share information on ClickList based solutions.

To find out more information on our ClickList solution, contact your Account Manager today!

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