Remote Verification Services

Outsourced Services

A Cost-Reducing Solution for Data Capture


Providing resources to assist you in your data capture and/or payment verification function when you need it is what we do best. Whether you require a daily extra hand or a solution during seasonal peak periods, RT Lawrence has you covered.

Our lockbox service solution is simple. You simply need to:

  1. Scan documents
  2. Send payment batches to RTL via secured transmission
  3. Accept RTL transactions back after verification

Be rest assured, that our verification team is trained to understand and comply with your specific data capture requirements. It is standard and an essential part of our “boutique style” approach to our services and implementation process.

If you’re an existing client, this offering will improve your operations.  Having both organizations on the same system enables us to easily duplicate and configure operation settings to assist you with your data processing needs.


Have Questions? Speak to an RTL expert today and we’ll demonstrate how our Remote Verification Services will work for your organization.

Remote Verification Services Diagram

FAQ1. Can you process documents other than payments?

ANSWER: RTL specializes in payment handling, however, we have the capacity and resources to process non-payment types of documents for any type of organization.

FAQ2. How quickly can you begin processing our payments ?

ANSWER: If you are an existing customer, our staff  can begin processing payments for you in a matter of 1-2 weeks.  If you are not an existing customer and are looking to outsource part or all of your payment handling workload, please contact us to find out about our solutions and hybrid services that can possibly improve your operations and payment handling process.

FAQ3. We know when our peak periods are during the year, can we have RTL take on our overflow payments when our volume gets too heavy?

ANSWER: Yes, definitely.  We have several customers who opt to do utilize our RVS at various periods throughout the year.  We have customers who hit their high peak volumes 2-3 times annually and they turn their RVS services ‘on’ during these times  to ensure deposits aren’t held up and provide support to their existing payment verification team.  The RVS services has proven to be an operational support solution to many of our government clients who process tax payments, non-profits with annual campaigns, etc.

FAQ4: Can we utilize RTL Remote Verification Services as a backup solution ?

ANSWER: RTL offers a full service remote verification solution.  We would like you to look at RTL as an extension of your organization.  If you have an unforeseen incident, change in volume, or changes in staff resources, we could definitely act as your back up solution to handle and validate your organizations payments.  Ramp up time may vary depending on your operations.   In addition, we offer a disaster recovery solution that can also act as a backup payment processing solution in the event your existing operation becomes in-operable.  For more information on disaster recovery, click here.

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