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Utility agency payments whether you are processing electric, cable, water, phone payments etc. have parallels in payment handling.  Each agency may vary on how you handle late payments, “shut-off” accounts, etc. however, the criticality is ensuring payments get deposited accurately and timely.

RT Lawrence Corporation has a Utility based remittance processing solution that is scalable to any sized utility agency to accommodate all of your payment processing needs.

Our software solution was designed to handle the most simple to complex payments and are experience incorporating years of experience working with utility agencies throughout the USA and Canada has allowed us to provide solution incorporating utility based best practices into our solution.

Aside from handling standard clean payments, our solution has the ability to simplify exception payment and incorporate unique processing rules exclusive to you environment.

Our solution can

  • Handle checks without Stubs–Eliminate the need to manually identify payee information.   Our system read checks payments and correlate it with your payee information and create a virtual stub.
  • Electronically Check Payments– Online payments are riddled with missing and incorrect information.  Our system can pre-check these payments/formats and identify payments with errors for quick resolution and generate virtual populated payee stubs.
  • List Payments– Eliminate manually balancing and validating each line item payment/payee and automatically process check payments paid towards multiple accounts that is list-driven. Our system will read/process each line item, auto balance payments, and create virtual stubs for simpler reconciliation.

Eliminate your manual process or consider alternate solutions to optimize your payment handling environment. 

What we learned from our consultative approach to business is that agencies may spend an additional 3-4 hours per day trying to validate and process these exception payments.  Although these exception payments may represent only 10% of your daily volume, these payments translate to increased manual labor, errors and potential delays in deposits.

Our solution will enable you to:

  • Process payments in a mixed batch mode
  • Flag/Stop Payments on the cancellation list
  • Validate and cross check payee balances
  • Incorporate special processing rules/hot files
  • Identify money order/cashier check payees quickly – blocked check payments

If maximizing your investment and improving customer service is important to you, look no further. By partnering with RT Lawrence you can be rest-assured that an automated solution that suits the unique needs of your business will be carefully constructed and executed.

Contact us today to find how our Utility Payment Solution can enhance your operation!

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