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RTL Can…

  • Database lookup, validation and exclusion
  • Client-specific processing logic plug-ins
  • Flexible, user-configurable output data layouts
  • Multiple OCR scanline or no scanline processing
  • Handwriting recognition for CAR/LAR and other fields

Features for Your Organization

RTL has been providing quality remittance processing solutions to government agencies throughout the US for more than 15 years. Our system has allowed many agencies to reduce their overhead costs, cut labor, and automate a once challenging environment. RTLFiRST is able to work with each agency’s host billing system (tax/dmv/utility) with ease. For example, with Megabyte’s property tax collection software, we are able to offer real-time lookup of due amounts, as well as the ability to view stub and check images from Megabyte.
  • Handle all your agencies payments
  • Cope with your heavy tax/payment season
  • Automate your entire collection process
  • Apply late fees and block payments
  • Update your host tax billing system with ease

For More Information, Click Here to Download the Government Solution Flyer.

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