Complete Payment Processing

Remittance Processing: Technology Driven Image Based Solution. Process & Labor Optimizing Solution.

RTLFiRST is our Payment Processing Solution. Utilizing state of the state of the art recognition technology alongside industry recognized Check/Document transports such as Opex, NCR, Burroughs, Canon to name a few have streamlined the processing operations of Government agencies, Non-Profits, Insurance companies, Utility agencies, and more over the last 25+ years

BENEFITS of our Remittance Processing solution:

  • Streamlines the handling of all mailed in payments (standard & exception)
  • Image Capture & Process checks/stubs, list payments, full size docs etc.
  • Compatible with a variety of CMS/Billing systems
  • Incorporates organization specific processing policies without extensive customization
  • Require your operators to “Touch Payments Once” – no presort, no separation of payment types *
  • E-deposit ready (Check 21/ACH)
  • Scalable to any business environment processing 200-20,000+ Checks per day
  • Provides Industry based solutions based on operational/processing room best practices
  • Improve handling of exception payments
  • Provides supplemental solutions: Mobile payments, remote office, refund reject solution
  • Works on a variety of industry Check/Document Imaging Transports (Desktop/Floor Models)

First of all, the handling of clean payments is standard and least complex.  Our Remittance solution will cross validate checks and stubs to ensure a “clean” and accurate posting. However, what creates a fully optimal remittance processing operation is the handling of exception payments, payments requiring review and incorporation of your processing policies. 

Exception Payment Handling – FEATURES

  • List Payment Processing
  • Change of Address
  • Customer “Love Letters”
  • Refund/Reject Processing
  • Payments associated with a product/gift

Our processing capability to automate the handling of the most complex payment types ultimately has allowed us to empower our client powers to speed up their payment handling, reduce operator labor and deposit payments the same business day.

Our Remittance Processing solution has provided labor optimizing, cost cutting solutions for years while navigating through the changes in trends.  Consequently, there are few changes occurring in the payment handling industry from hardware options to software technology, determine if what you have in place will be viable and ready to take on changes on the horizon. 

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