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RT Lawrence has demonstrate that a user-friendly, automated system in the total payment processing industry will ensure more efficient operations for over 25 years. Organizations ranging from government to utilities, to insurance and non-profits rely on RTL to reduce labor costs and accelerate processing times resulting in top-notch customer service.

The combination of products and services below make RTL the provider of choice when selecting the most comprehensive solution for all your payment processing needs.

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Remittance Solutions

RTL offers users like you an in-house Remittance Processing Solution. Our flagship product, RTLFiRST, utilizes the latest in imaging and handwriting recognition technology to streamline payment processing operations by:

  1. reducing your mailroom labor
  2. reducing your operator data entry staff
  3. accelerating the collection and processing of your funds

If you’re a smaller operation, you can expect improved productivity from your limited staff throughout the entire process.

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Outsourcing Services

In addition to software and systems, you may opt to take advantage of RTL Lockbox payment processing services. A Lockbox service can collect, consolidate and process your customer payments/donations, which can be deposited directly into your account.

Our Lockbox Business Unit has the ability to:

  • Process your payments at our California processing office
  • Process any type of stub/coupon specific to your environment
  • To scale to service small to large organizations

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E-Payment Solutions

With the E-Payment suite, you have a variety of solutions to handle payments electronically (Credit card, Web, Check 21/ACH and more).  The ability to accept/clear payments electronically allows you to have quicker access to funds and drastically reduce collection float.

You can:

  • Accept payments via the web, telephone/mobile, remote/front counter, etc.
  • Manage payments at your front counter office or remote offices
  • Electronically deposit payments (ACH/Check21)

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Whether you’re business expertise is insurance, non-profit, utility, property management, RTL’s seasoned team of engineers and customer service personnel can make your business operation more efficient so you can focus on what you do best!

Need Answers?  Don’t delay. We can transform the way you do business by answering tough questions and delivering on a great solution.

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