Did you know that it’s easier now to create letter document for rejected payments? No hassles.. RTL introduces the Refund/Reject Generation (ReGEN) Module.

RTL’s REGEN is an integrated application module for the RTLFiRST 8.0 system. This application enables users to generate letters in MS Word for refunds or rejected payments to designated recipients. The letter template is automatically populated with the necessary data and values from the stub/check. Using ReGEN Module, there is no need to look for the physical image of the check one by one. The system has the ability to pull key information such as name, account number, amount due, etc. and populating the information within the letter template. With this feature, operators simply run the module and all the letters for all refund and rejected payments with be generated. The actual image of the stub, check or both can also be attached to the letter depending on the configuration.

In order for ReGEN to work, the client must have the following products:

  • RTLFiRST Remittance Solution
  • FiRSTVIEW Imaging Archival system
  • Microsoft Word 2003 and above (macro fields should be enabled)

Here are some new payment scenarios on how the ReGEN module works:

During the processing of a new payment using RTLFiRST when the verification operator flags a payment to be a “Refund Needed” item a Virtual Stub should be generated to denote the Refund amount and Account information (note). For Reject items, either the verification operator or the RTLFiRST’s business rule will mark the payment as a reject by using the “reject” function.

For Refunds and Rejects, during the verification step, the user should view the images of the remittance coupon and the check to see if the payee is the same person as the person on-record (i.e., the person named on the remittance coupon).

If the payee is not the same person, the user can either flag the record as being “different” for later handling or the different Payee information can be data-entered into the system at this time.

At the end of the processing day, in addition to uploading a normal collection upload file to your main business management system, an additional R/R file will be uploaded containing the list of R/R account numbers. REGEN will anticipate a download file from your management system containing the address-on-record associated with these R/R items. This return file should be a simple comma-delimited text file to be saved on a specified folder that the REGEN module can access.

For more details about this, please contact your designated Account Manager!

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