Real Time Lookup is an optional billable module that gives users a practical and easy approach to search for up-to-the-minute information in their main backend system or Customer Management System (CMS) from within the RTLFiRST software. Users do not have to leave the RTLFiRST verification screen and launch multiple applications to securely search for information that is needed for verification and account validation. The client has total control on what fields and information RTLFiRST will be able to search.

The client has 2 options by which Real Time Lookup can be implemented. In both options, the data that is brought back upon searching is directly related to what is in the backend system OR what the client includes in their import file to RTL.

  • Real Time Lookup Standard allows direct connection to the client’s backend system or CMS. This typically uses a web service that will be called by RTL in order to get results back from the client’s CMS. Alternatively, the client may also provide RTL with a MS SQL’s stored procedure or an Oracle’s procedure.
  • Real Time Lookup Lite requires the client to provide RTL with an import of their data to be brought into a database table for RTL to do a lookup from. With this, the client may elect to perform nightly downloads of a subset of their CMS record. In such cases, RTL’s utility will update a MS SQL database table with such information and the real time lookup will occur against that database. RTL can work with the client and provide suggestions on what items to include in the layout file or if the client has specific needs and a layout already in mind, RTL and client can make a joint effort to make this work.


Clients may also choose between wildcard (search by first name, last name, address) or exact search (search by account number) or both. For payments that came in without a coupon, RTLFiRST will automatically create a virtual stub with the information already populated.

RTL has extended the capabilities and features of real time lookup making it easier to configure and look aesthetically better. Real Time Lookup is an integration tool that when added to your RTLFiRST system, can provide a considerable amount of time and labor savings as this can minimize the amount of manual processing and the potential for errors especially when handling payments that came in without a standard coupon. Clients who may have more extensive real time lookup requirements can discuss with RTL how their needs can be accommodated. Contact your designated Account Manager for more info.

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