Front Counter and Remote Office Solution (QuickClear)


Eliminate unnecessary steps and unite front-office/remote-office payments with your main back-office system with RTL’s front-counter and remote-office solution, QuickClear. Preparing deposits and doing document searches are centralized into one comprehensive system. Additionally, enjoy the availability of next business day funds by making deposits electronically via Automated Clearing House (ACH) or Image Cash Letter (Check 21).

QuickClear can be implemented in 3 ways:

  1. Integrated into your existing cashiering or billing software
  2. Implemented as a stand-alone application
  3. Part of RTL’s back-office RTLFiRST remittance system

This solution captures full-sized images of both stubs and checks in a single pass. Images are centrally stored and you may view immediately. A user-friendly interface allows for you to make quick searches using a variety of fields such as stub account number and stub or check amount.

With the use of affordable compact scanners at the remote-office, payments can be processed and cleared electronically the moment they are received. QuickClear is ACH-ready and Check 21- ready and can be activated easily.

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