RTL is very pleased to announce another addition to RTLFirst Remittance Processing Service Solutions…RTL’s  Mobile Capture Solution, the wireless remittance solution.

The Mobile Capture solution was designed to allow your organization to accept payments remotely and add value to your existing Remittance Processing System.  Imagine being able to accept payments on the fly in your remote office, insert documents into a specific payment group from the processing floor or a remote office.

Our Mobile capture solutions is loaded with features and capabilities that will enhance how you utilize the RTLFirst System. The mobile capture module will streamline your processing regardless of your business environment. Imagine the power your remote offices or low volume branch offices will have with this solution. they can accept payments immediately eliminating ramp up time and the expense of installing scanners/equipment.

Here are the Features/Benefits of Mobile Capture:

  • Image Quality –  To ensure high quality reads, the devices we provide have high resolution camera’s to ensure quality captures
  • Secure – Payments that are processed through the Mobile Solution are secure
  • User Friendly – The interface is simple and extremely user friendly.  Minimal instruction is required to commence processing.
  • Easy Set Up – Mobile Solution is easy to set up and takes only minutes for your staff to begin accepting payments
  • Mobile System – The Mobile solution extends your payment processing facility to take your operations anywhere.
  • Mobile Scanner – Scan and insert documents from anywhere and insert those documents into an existing payment group remotely

For more information, please contact your Account Managers.




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