Security is always a top priority for our customers. Maintaining secure operations of your servers, computer data, etc. as the growing risk of intrusion is a possibility. One aspect that you are also concerned about is the privacy and protection of your customers/clients. Protection of client data is also at the forefront of your strategy and reducing their risk to potential negative exposure is critical to your organizations processes.

RTL is excited to announce our newest MICR guard modules. MICR Masking and MICR Redact.

These two products provide capabilities that can be easily implemented contingent on your organizations security protocol and retention policies. Each were designed to ‘guard’ your customers MICR payment line information on their check payment from unnecessary internal/external access and visibility.

MICR Mask:

This feature “masks” the MICR line from the check. Only those who have cleared security or granted access to full client information will be allowed access to the full check image. Tiered access enables your management team to determine who has visibility of client MICR check information. Your verifiers, customer service associates, etc. will see a ‘masked’ MICR line within FiRSTView which is traditionally where we find our customers share information across several departments within an organization. This feature is best for organizations that retention policies still require them to keep full check images on file.

MICR Redact:

This featured tool was designed to “burn-off” the MICR line from the check image. For organizations that do not require or find the need to keep MICR data, this feature works best. Some organizations opt to minimize risk further in event of a security breech. MICR lines are “burned’ off at the end of the payment handling process within RTLFiRST.

A Piece of the Puzzle

Security Breaches, fraud, are events that occur in business and will continue whether breaches are internal or external. Minimizing risk and exposure to protect your information and your client’s information with a few technology tools designed to guard client information is just one piece of the puzzle.

To find out more on which MICR guard tool works best for your environment, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager, today!

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