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PayChannel offers credit card services that will help your business start accepting credit card payments through the net, phone and mail. Our credit card processing system is integrated with reputable banks all over the country, so you can easily begin accepting credit cards through Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover. Paychannel’s compliant gateway enables you to process and manage credit card payments made over the phone, web, and the mail efficiently and securely.

PayChannel even makes it easier for you to set up a merchant account and get your business set up to accept credit card payments in the shortest time possible. Transaction reports can easily be viewed and customized from the moment credit card payments are made.

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Interactive Voice Response Service

PayChannel offers a convenient and best way to pay ACH check and credit card payments through phone. Simply follow a pre-recorded call flow and script and you will receive immediate acknowledgement of payment.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows your customers to make payments over the phone in an automated and secure manner. The IVR system menus are custom designed to fit your business flow. Integration to your back-end system allows for real time billing information and payment updates. This simple to use and intuitive payment system allows your customers an alternative payment approach and frees up customer service staff time to concentrate on other customer related issues.


Front Counter and Remote Office Solution (QuickClear)

RTL’s front-counter and remote-office solution eliminates unnecessary steps and unites front-office/remote-office payments with your main back-office system. Preparing deposits and doing document searches are centralized into one comprehensive system. Additionally, have next business day funds availability by making deposits electronically via ACH or Image Cash Letter (Check 21).

QuickClear can be implemented in several ways:

a. Can easily be integrated into your existing cashiering or billing software.

b. Implemented as a stand-alone application.

c. Be a part of RTL’s back-office RTLFiRST remittance system.


RTL’s QuickClear captures the full-size images of both stubs and checks in a single pass. Images are even centrally stored and immediately viewable. A user-friendly interface allows for quick searches using a variety of fields such as stub account number and stub or check amount. All these benefits can also be gained at the remote-office.

With the use of affordable compact scanners at the remote-office, payments can be processed and cleared electronically the moment they are received. QuickClear is ACH and/or Check 21 ready and can be activated easily. RTL has ACH and Check 21 partnerships with many national and regional banks. Chances are that we are already working with your bank and can possibly assist you in negotiating transaction rates.

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