Improve Payment Handling, Reduce Errors and Deposit Checks Quicker

If you process as much as 600 payments a day to 60,000+ payments a day, you would need some sort of automated system to optimize and speed of the deposit of your check payments whether you are processing payments, donations, etc.

An optimal remittance operation will create an environment that…
Improves payment handling by:

  • Optimizing Operator Labor and reducing operator error
  • Automate the reading and processing of payments
  • Improve speed and accuracy by utilizing high image quality camera equipped transports and character recognition software
  • Speed up deposit time  and end of day processing/prep
  • Deposit checks easily electronically (Check 21/ACH) or traditionally

Utilize the latest payment processing technology available on the market today to optimize your check processing workflow and optimize you staff to focus on more critical payment matters.   Our system simplifies the handling of not only clean standard payments but exception payments such as List Payments, Electronic Check Payments, and more.  In addition, our payment processing solution incorporates YOUR organizations payment processing rules and policies.

We understand each organization’s payment processing environment is unique and we have created an innovative technology driven solution that can process payments for those as little as 500 payments a day or 50,000+ payments daily. Our solution was designed to operate in house or as a service.

Contact us today to receive an environment assessment report based on your existing equipment to see if there is ways you can optimize your operation fully.

Payment Processing Flow
Visit our sample payment diagram to view how payments are generally funneled through an automated system through our remittance system.

Click here to see a sample payment processing flow diagram
Click here to view our Remittance Processing Solution flyer

For our industry based solutions, Click here for more specific information on how we’ve provided specific solutions incorporating industry policies and practices in payment handling.

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