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RTL is BETTER than other Remittance Processing Solutions

RTLFiRST, a Total Payment Processing Solution recognized for its user definable options, no programming required design, and user friendly interface are acclaimed by government agencies, private and non-profit organizations, insurance companies and much more throughout the US and Canada. Utilizing the latest in imaging and handwriting recognition technology, our solution will streamline your payment processing operation by drastically reducing your mailroom labor, reducing your operator data entry staff while accelerating the collection and processing of your funds. RTLFiRST can streamline your current remittance processing operation.


RTLFiRST Features and Benefits

Any hardware is of no use unless a software is applied to maneuver it. It’s just like a high-performance car that won’t reach it’s potential without an equally capable driver. RTL has its very own software called RTLFiRST that can easily be configured to work with many of the leading brands of scanners. RTLFiRST is an image-based payment processing application. It provides an easy to drive interface in order to utilize the hardware. In-depth technical computer and programming skills are not required to maintain and control the system. RTLFiRST can process any combination of payments. It can even facilitate payments with missing stubs or checks. Our remittance system comes with standard hotfile, special rules configuration, document inquiry and so much more. Want to know more?

Additional Modules

  • RTLFiRST Whitemail/Wholesale Module

  • ACH/Check 21 Module

  • Front Counter/Remote Office Solutions

  • Credit Card Processing Solutions

  • Web Solutions

  • Real-Time Database Lookup

What is Remittance Processing?


It is the handling and processing of your retail/wholesale payments from your customers. Today’s technology has allowed companies to move away from the traditional laborious manual process of reconciling remittances and solutions have been developed to automate the processing of your payments. RTL has been at the forefront of this industry and has designed and created the RTLFiRST Remittance Processing Solution. 

How RTLFiRST software can work for you

RTLFiRST is compatible with nearly any environment regularly taking in payments. Among our more common clients are government agencies, utility agencies, non-profit organizations, and insurance companies. Our solution will streamline, automate and drastically reduce the level of manual labor tied to handling your utility payments, tax payments, donation payments, premium payments, etc.

In addition, our solution has worked with dozens of billing systems across all industries to ensure a seamless total payment reconciliation process for our customers. Not all solutions are the same, find out what makes RTLFiRST unique and what sets us apart from other providers.

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