Is your remittance system running optimally? Should you allocate more staff?

Your operations are running smoothly but do you ever wonder if there are ways you can run better? Do you find that during your peak periods you can’t seem to meet your daily deadlines?

What if there was an operational tool that would help provide a snapshot of how your organization to help guide and support staff changes during peak periods, insight to how many payments are in the queue. Gaining insight to your operation to help you make more calculated choices to enhance and optimize your payment processing environment.

You may think this is similar to the RTLFiRST Dashboard, however, it’s not. The Dashboard is valuable tool that highlights processing operation activity for the day such as items to be verified, open batches, etc. The Production Workflow Manager provides more specific information such as transaction volume by batch scan type, transaction amount of by batch scan type and productivity levels of your team.

Within this powerful management tool, you can review historical data, compare and contrast activity to help your team make more calculated choices that affect your remittance operation. Make future, calculated strategic choices, or make supported resource changes. This tool in our test environments have proven a great value to our client test sites and would be a great addition to many of your organizations.

Contact us today to obtain a product sheet on this solution or to chat briefly to find out more on this valuable tool and how it could potentially improve your operational decisions.

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