Recently, we have witnessed firsthand how disasters can tragically affect families, regions, and businesses. Depending on the type of your organization, it may be critical that your operations are continuous with little or no downtime.

What would happen if a natural disaster destroyed your payment processing facility?

For some operations, downtime isn’t an issue. If you are unable to process payments for 2-3 weeks, it may be ok. However, some of our client-partners have shared the importance of being continuously operational. Many of our non-profits who provide aid and support to other groups or regions, share how critical it is to process donations quickly to serve those in need.

Computers could be inaccessible while scanners and mail equipment may be damaged or destroyed. It’s possible your facility will be classified as unsafe and you won’t be able to get inside. An event like this would bring your entire payment processing operation to a standstill.

Planning for the unexpected is important for many businesses. Having contingency plans ensures continuous full-service to your customers. When disaster strikes you’ll be prepared.

How We Can Help

Imagine your operations go ‘down’ and your payment processing operation is rendered inoperable. Most likely, the facility won’t be operational in the next 3-4 weeks or longer. Vital services to your customers may be paused by the disaster. This pause increases the likelihood of financial losses and customer dissatisfaction. Even worse, an organization may be in dire need of their payments being processed for disaster relief. Fortunately, these things can be avoided.

Our Disaster Recovery solution allows our client-partners to have a back-up facility in place if a tragedy were to occur.

There should be no major halt in operations. Our backup facility will have a secured copy of your payment processing operation. Every consideration your organization has involving payment processing will be secured. The back-up copy includes your payment processing rules, hotfiles, and special logic. Payments that are normally sent to your facility–that is currently inoperable–are rerouted to our Los Angeles, CA processing facility instead. Your “stand-by” system will be activated, and processing can easily begin. Our team will act as your processing agents, working to ensure as little interruption as possible. Any payments that need your insights will be handled securely online.

You maintain control of your payment processing operation. You and your team make the decisions while we do the work. Our Disaster Recovery solution was designed to act as a temporary bridge until your processing facility is fully functional again. We act merely as an extension of your business. You still have full visibility and autonomy to make payment decisions based on your policies.

Even when the worst happens, you can rest assured it will be business as usual.

Contact us today for a contingency solution assessment and no-cost proposal.

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Are you ready?

Does your organization need a contingency plan?

To determine if your DR Solutions will protect your organization and maintain payment processing stability, take these questions into consideration.

  1. Assess your environment
  2. Where is my client data stored? (On-site, Offsite, Cloud?)
  3. Can we afford to be inoperable for weeks at a time? If so, how long?
  4. Who is the most affected if we are down? (Clients, Owners, shareholders, etc.)
  5. Will our hardware & software providers provide assistance if we are down? What is their response time? What happens if our HW/SW gets destroyed? How will my vendor help us?
  6. Can we access payments from the post office? If our post office is inoperable, what are our options?
  7. Who of our internal staff will have the knowledge to get us back and running? What are our in-house resources?
  8. Do we need a contingency plan in place?

These are all valid questions that organizations need to ask themselves. If any of these questions concerns you ask yourself, are you and your teams fully prepared to handle a disaster? If not, now is the time for you and your staff develop your plans. Consider identifying what is critical and valuable to your operations while making plans.

If you prefer to create your own backup remittance processing operation that specifically caters to the needs of your payment processing operation, contact us to find out how our solution can provide the emergency back end support you need. We can provide suggestions and guidelines for your operation. This can safeguard your data, facility, and ensure ceaseless operations.

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