Electronic Payments

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Managing E-Payments 

RT Lawrence Corporation (RTL) provides a variety of electronic payment solutions that add flexibility and tools for your business to better handle and manage mailed in, phone, web, and even branch office payments.  Our solutions were designed to enhance your organizations payment handling operating process.

Expand Payment Options for Your Customers

RT Lawrence’s (RTL) electronic payment solutions allow you and your customers to accomplish much more. In addition to our main remittance processing solution, expand your operation to incorporate the variety of benefits from electronic payment processing handling.

Need to set up an IVR system to handle your phone in payments? Want to reduce collection float and deposit your payments electronically?  We can help expedite the process for you and improve your overall payment handling process.

Still have questions? We want to hear from you. Our experts are passionate about payment processing and will walk you through our e-payment solutions.

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