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What is PayChannel?

PayChannel, a division of RT Lawrence Corporation, the Payment Processing Solution specialist, has created a distinct solution that you can’t resist for your electronic payments.

PayChannel provides credit card processing services that add flexibility to your business for mailed in, phone, web and even branch office payments. We are a credit card company however our ‘complimenting’ solution is our specialty to enhance your business operating process.

Credit Card agencies are enforcing stricter guidelines and requirements for those who are involved with credit card transactions. From retailers to gateways, these stricter guidelines are to protect both your customers and you as an organization. There are still many retailers and various organizations that offer credit card services that are NOT compliant, leaving you vulnerable to heavy fines, various penalties as well as possible termination of business operations, etc. Could this be you?

PayChannel is PCI Compliant. What does that mean to you? We have been classified/certified as a Level 1 Gateway. This is the highest level rating classified under the PCI Data Security Standard. Our systems have undergone rigorous checks and reviews to ensure that our operations are secure to minimize fraud and theft.

Customized Web Pages/ Reporting

Our team of web designers will work directly with your team to create a payment collection website that best mirrors the look and feel of your website. We host your payment collection page to meet PCI compliance requirements. Clients will have a seamless payment transition when making payments online, enabling your customers to feel secure about their online web payment activity.

Let us help you grow as an organization to gain stronger visibility on the web while increasing your customer service satisfaction by extending alternative payment options for your products and services. Enjoy the benefits of quicker payment return when enabling your valued customer’s credit card payment capability via the web.

Our Development team will tailor-design the Payment Collection webpages to match the very look and feel of your organizations website.

Customers get the ‘one-stop-shop’ experience from your organization by maintaining the same “touch-and-feel” of your corporate website when they submit their payments via the web.

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