e-Bill Presentment

Electronic Solutions for Your Customers

View Bills Online with e-Bill Presentment Solutions

The e-Bill Presentment Solution allows your customers to view bills online. E-bills will be created to match the look of your existing paper bills for consistency and ease of reference for your customers. Lessen administrative time and money spent by trimming down on what you print and mail. E-Billing information can be retrieved either by direct integration to your back end customer accounts system or through a customer accounts file that we retrieve and store.

Manage Customer Profiles and Auto-Payments with Ease

Enable your customers to create a payment profile and store payment information on our safe and PCI compliant storage systems. Customers will no longer need to re-enter their personal payment information every time they decide to make a payment. In addition, when you allow your customers to auto-pay, customers may choose to set up payment profiles with details such as payment methods, payment withdrawal date, and credit account numbers to ensure payments are made on time. Your customers will have the ability to set up a recurring payment option through our online tools with ease.

Take advantage of the ability to send payment reminders to your customers via email or mobile phone. Customers may also choose to issue payment via the use of their mobile phone/internet.

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