About Us

RT Lawrence Corporation (RTL) is a Total Payment Processing Corporation specializing in In-House Remittance Solutions, Lockbox Solutions (Payment Processing Services, Disaster Recovery Solutions, etc). and Electronic Payment Solutions (ACH/Check 21, Credit Card and Merchant Solutions). We provide solutions to a variety of industries including: Non-Profit, Insurance (Auto, P&C, Health, etc.), Government (State, County, City/Municipalities levels), Utilities, Fulfillment Houses, Newspaper/Print companies and more! We provide solutions throughout the US and Canada. Our solutions are scalable to fit any business environment from the small to the largest in the country. We have been in business since 1992 and providing payment solutions for over 20+ years. Our flagship RTLFiRST Remittance Solution is being utilized to streamline and automate the payment process for companies for years resulting in reduced overhead and increased cost saving.

Our Expertise

RT Lawrence Corporation is a software technology developer specializing in Payment Solutions with over two decades of experience.  Pioneers in payment systems, our flagship payment software, RTLFirst, paired with industry recognized payment transports create a combination of innovative, scalable payment processing solutions to optimize organizations within a wide range of industries.

Our Mission

RT Lawrence Corporation’s mission is to provide innovative and operation enhancing Payment Solutions to companies throughout the US and Canada.  Our goal is to be the industry leader by delivering top quality process focused and innovative solutions paired with unbridled quality service.

Our Value

Backed by 20 years’ experience, RT Lawrence has reshaped the total payment processing industry by demonstrating that a user-friendly, automated system will ensure more efficient operations. Organizations ranging from government to utilities, to insurance and non-profits rely on RTL to reduce labor costs and accelerate processing times resulting in top-notch customer service.

Our Leadership – Featured Team Members

Vivian Dias

  • Vivian is our Executive Director of Strategic Alliances. RTL’s relationship with Mr. Dias has spanned over 20+ years.  Originally, Mr. Dias had worked as Vice President for Canadian based company, KeyWest Micro which originally was a reseller of RTL’s solutions.  In 2004, KeyWest Micro merged with RT Lawrence corporation and he joined the executive team managing accounts and works with vendor partners throughout the US and Canada.

John Phillips

  • John is our Director of Payment Solutions.  Joining the RTL family in 2011, he had joined our executive team with over 15+ years of management and customer experience.  Mr. Phillips was the former CEO of a national parking facility agency, he incorporated many streamlining and operational enhancements to our organization since joining the team.


  • Remittance Solutions
  • Outsourcing Services
  • ePayments Solutions
  • Lockbox Services
  • Disaster Protection Services
  • Remote Verifications Services
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Check 21/ACH Processing (E-Deposit)

Client Testimonials

We partner with industry leading vendors to deliver fast, affordable managed services or products without compromise. Through these relationships we ensure our staff is properly trained to use and support leading technologies.

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