RTL’s Development team are steadily working on improving and enhancing our features in RTLFIRST 8.0. You, our client partners share often some of the day to day processing experiences you encounter and we strive to incorporate your ideas or pains into creating process improvement tools with each release and update. Your input is critical to the design of our products.

For the next few months we intend on releasing on our blog/newsletter a “Feature of the Month” which will highlight and expand on the one current feature release, update, etc.

We hope to provide more in depth insight to some of the roll outs from our development team and how it can possibly improve your processing environment.

Here’s a snapshot list of the latest feature releases, updates, fixes for RTLFiRST 8.0

  • Comprehensive ALL Operations View – A complete overview of batches and their status within all of your organizations operations
  • Opex Batch Management – Streamlined process for cleanup and reverting of OPEX batches
  • Cash Payment Handling – Scan, identify, recognize and verify cash payments
  • Business Rules Improvement: Expanded Sub-Stage – we have expanded our business rules flexibility by adding a few more sub stages for rules to be triggered.
  • ICV: Check-based Business Rules and Field substitution & Payee Validation
  • Reporting Capability – Generate Reports from other RTL products (FiRSTView/Regen)
  • Image Exchange Validation – Compare and verify duplicated checks in IE

These are just a few of the added features and updates that have been rolled out. Although some of these changes may seem minor, in several environments, some of these minor enhancements have proven to improve processing routine drastically.

Your Account Manager has already emailed you the detailed summary of all the releases to date. This more comprehensive document highlights these features along with more in-depth information of the update, fix ad release. If you haven’t received it, please contact your AM or contact us today.

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