Check Reader Transport Machines

Check Reader Transport Machines

Supported Hardware


RTLFiRST may be configured to work with many leading brands of scanners including NCR, Opex, Canon, Burroughs, Magtek and Panini.

  • NCR iTRAN 180/300
  • NCR iTRAN 600
  • NCR iTRAN 8000
  • Opex Falcon Red
  • Opex AS 7200i
  • Opex AS180
  • Opex FalconV Red
  • Opex Model 60/72
  • Canon CR 190ii
  • Canon CR 190i
  • Canon CR 180
  • Quantum 200

  • Quantum 300

  • Quantum 600

  • Quantum DS

  • Smart Source Adaptive

  • Excella
  • Excella STX
  • VisionX

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