A test environment would be beneficial to all RTLFiRST clients, especially those with custom or complex settings. This way, changes can be tested with minimal disruption to the production environment. Test ahead of time:

  • Changes to verification settings.
  • Changes to business processing rules.
  • Changes to file versions.
  • Changes to operation systems.
  • Changes to hardware.

By trying out the changes first, errors can be found and fixed before rolling out to production.

A Test System can take on two forms:

  1. An environment meant to duplicate the existing production system.
  2. A new environment which can be tested first, and then replace the existing production environment.

If a duplicate environment is created, changes can be tested there first and then made to production.

Creating a new environment is done if a change of hardware (servers, etc.) is also desired.

Test environments may require additional licensing, so contact your Account Manager for additional information.

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