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Another innovative all-in-one scanner has been introduced by Burroughs (formerly Unisys) to add to their check scanner family. The SmartSource® Adaptive is a compact, robust and user-friendly check scanner that has a unique vertical paper feed allowing you to scan a variety of documents types of various sizes with ease. It is capable of scanning and reading intermixed document types like stubs, checks, full size documents and list payments. The versatility of the Smart Source platform plus its compact hardware design makes it an ideal fit in front counter, back office and merchant environments with limited desktop space. Most of all, it enables you to reduce expenses by integrating a single device that can handle all of your document imaging needs.

The Smart Source Adaptive incorporates an “industry-leading” Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) reader alongside a high quality 300 DPI camera to ensure superior level images. The unit boasts high quality OCR and bar code recognition read rates as well. This ensures that all documents scanned through the unit will meet and exceed quality standards for archival purposes, payment processing and/or electronic check deposit.

This cutting-edge scanner works seamlessly with RTLFiRST Remittance Processing System. If you currently have the RTLFiRST system in place, documents scanned in this advanced machine will just be sent to the “processor” for further handling.

Contact your Account Manager today to find out how this new and high-technology scanner can streamline your payment processing environment!

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