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Electronic Payment Processing

Check 21, ACH, Mobile Solutions and More

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In-House Processing

Organizations of all sizes and from all industries benefit from using RTLFiRST as their in-house processing system. We offer a flexible modern solution that works with a variety of reliable, industry recognized transports such as NCR, Burroughs, Opex, etc. which are scalable to fit the needs of all organizations.

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Electronic Payment Processing

RTL offers an E-Payment solution providing ACH and/or Check 21, Front Counter Solutions, and much more. The ability to accept/clear payments electronically allows you to have quicker access to funds and drastically reduce collection float.


Outsource Services

Our Lockbox Services can process all your customers’ payments and all payment types. We give your organization a helping hand and serve as your virtual payment processing operation. This way you will reduce your overhead cost and free up your existing staff to focus more on other significant tasks.

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